Over 40 years after the release of the “The Exorcist,” Director William Friedkin meets the Vatican’s “Dean of Exorcists,” Father Gabriele Amorth, and receives permission to film his ninth attempt to exorcise a woman named Christina.
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ITS RATING:  5 Charley’s.
Now, I’m not a lightweight when it comes to horror movies. But “The Exorcist” scared the Heebie-Jeebies out of me. So much so, that I have only seen the film once, and that was on the big screen way back in 1973 when it premiered.

The movie was based on the book, with the same title by the late William Peter Blattey. He also wrote the screenplay for the movie. The book in turn, was based on an actual exorcism.

All of this backstory is covered in great detail by William Friedkin, who also serves as the host and cameraman as he delves into the world of demonic possessions. He was invited by the late Father Amorth to film Christina’s 9th exorcism. Friedkin’s hand-held, point-of-view camera work gives the audience a front row seat to the turbulent ritual. It is revealed during this cleansing that the Demon who possess Christina is not just some run-of-the-mill, low level tormentor, but Satan himself!

Several Deacons, much bigger and heavier than Christina
struggled to restrain her during the ritual. That’s
Christina’s mother looking on in the background, praying
along with a room full of family members and friends.

Friedkin then takes his astonishing footage and consults numerous medical and religious authorities to get their professional take as to Christina’s claim of possession and use of exorcism to help heal  people with this diagnosis.  Their learned opinions will surprise you. Couple that with Friedkin’s and his Production Assistant’s later chilling encounter with Christina and her boyfriend in a church will make this one documentary you won’t soon forget.


Unfortunately, the only way to see this documentary is to rent it for $3.99, or buy it for $12.99, even if you are a Prime member.

A quick search on Amazon Prime will turn up at least a dozen other exorcism themed documentaries. For a starting point, please see my earlier review of: Return of the Exorcists

Then visit this site to find out more of the Catholic Church’s latest
news on exorcisms:
The Catholic News Agency:

(For when Amazon ends its embargo on delivering books.)
BREAKING NEWS: (3/27/2020)
Published posthumously, Father Amorth’s (With Marcello Stanzione) last book;
The Devil is Afraid of Me
The Life and Work of the World’s Most Famous Exorcist
was released today.
“For more than 30 years, the Italian priest literally battled the devil by performing more than 60,000 exorcisms. Angelologist Fr. Marcello Stanzione reveals fascinating details of Fr. Amorth’s career—details that have never before appeared in print.”

RSN Religious News Service

An Exorcist Explains the Demonic
The Antics of Satan and His Army of Fallen Angels

by Fr. Gabriele Amorth, Stefano Stimamiglio – editor, et al.
An international best seller.

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