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For the first time in over a century, Yeti legends and personal accounts have become the subject of scientific studies. Does the yeti really exist? Fascinating and thorough, this film sets out to meet the teams involved in this strange race across the world, featuring laboratories, hair analysis, footprints and DNA as well as the search for samples in Indonesia and the Canadian reserves.
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RATING: 3 Charley’s.
A totally fascinating and informative video, and the expert international cast of field researchers and scientists is truly impressive and unprecedented. You will learn a lot from watching this film, not only about the continuing enigma of Bigfoot, but how the scientific method analyzes purported evidence.

So why not a better Charley rating?

Despite the fact that the many scientists, who were interviewed expressed a willingness to have open-minds, but guarded opinions on the subject of Yeti/Sasquatch/Bigfoot, I felt the documentary crashed at the end.  As it turned out, at least for me, it proved to be very disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect it to come out with definitive proof of the discovery of a new human or animal species, but I thought the insinuated atmosphere of open-mindedness would carry the day.

First, the editing was slanted in a particular way. The American team’s DNA analysis, which was presented in the middle of the film, arrived at more possible and stronger evidence that there may indeed be something tangible and real running around out there in the wilderness. These findings alone calls for more serious field and laboratory study. This report would also have giving the film a very dramatic ending.
This is the big story here. Why was it ignored?

Instead, for the end of the video, the Director or Producer decided to present the findings of the English team. They announced that they found the evidence of the Yeti to be “Genetically identical to a Polar Bear.”
Why was these findings not questioned or
confirmed by another lab? And why was it
accepted as the final answer to the identity
of the Yeti?

But here, the voice over then goes on to ask,
“How do you explain the presence of a Polar bear among the world’s highest mountains? It’s a species that has only adapted to life on the ice flows of the north.” Here the narrator follows up with the statement, “One enigma replaces another.”  This conundrum is quickly glossed over. In other words, “Nothing to see here folks, move along.”

Why did the documentary makers jump so quickly to this conclusion as being the definitive answer to all the multiple investigations being conducted worldwide? And why did the English team jump the gun with their announcement? As the voice over states; “Contrary to the promise that no information will be available before the publication of a scientific article, the results were announced by the press amid great fanfare.”

The concluding argument goes on to dismisses the entire documentary with the following statement:
“So DNA joins the list of insufficient proof along with the examination of hair under the microscope, the study of foot prints that could have been man made and the gathering of personal accounts that could have been fabricated. Futile too are the photographs and videos taken day and night, all considered to be hoaxes.”

So in other words, all gathered field evidence and the approved scientific method should be completely ruled out in the search for the truth?

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