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For many people, Voo Doo is synonymous with black magic and malevolence. It’s regarded with suspicion, conjuring up images of animal sacrifices and mutilated dolls. This powerful documentary takes us straight into this hidden, impenetrable world. Beautifully-made with unbelievable access to Voo Doo practitioners, this film offers an unrivaled insight into this frequently misunderstood religion.

A ceremony to protect a girl from a curse.


“King Lucifer, King Lucifer, King Lucifer.
Let the one I am talking about,
disappeared from this earth.
Let him go to hell, which is your kingdom,
where you can command him.
King Lucifer, King Lucifer.”
Voo Doo Priest Vladimir Benadel
Performing a ritual seeking protection from a man who has threatened to kill him and his girlfriend.

During the ceremony for protection from the death threat, Vladimir and his girlfriend  follow the instructions of the Voo Doo Priest, a friend of Vladimir’s, who is conducting the ritual.
The repeated snapping of a Bullwhip over a fire brings the protection ceremony to a close. Lets hope it works.

RATING: 5 Charley’s – PLUS!
Right from the start, this documentary plunges you into the very core of Voo Doo ceremonial magic. This is an unprecedented glimpse into a religion that the Western world will not accept. We are conducted on this insider’s journey by the Voo Doo Priest* Vladimir Benadel.

This is Vladimir’s Temple, 30 of his Ancestor’s Spirits live there. They each have their own rooms and very distinct and demanding personalities.
Frieda, the Queen of Vladimir’s Ancestors. Collectively, the Ancestors granted permission for this documentary to be made.

It is through his intersession, and that of his Ancestor’s Spirits, the production crew is granted access to private ceremonies, ritual customs and Voo Doo Societies.  You will come away with a greater understanding and respect for this vital religious practice. And I guarantee you, you will watch it more than once.

* In Voo Doo, there are both Priests and Priestess. And there is no limit to what practitioner rank either one can rise to.

Belonging to a Voo Doo Society in Haiti is a way of life and creates a supportive community. The  Societies are a cooperative. They pool their money and donate it to the members most in need at the time. Eve and Odette were the recipients of this month’s pool. They were able to restart their baking business and return to the Friday market to sell their goods.
A successful day in the market allows Eve and Odette to feed their children and buy expensive water. The excess  food is sold at other markets during the week.

If not, purchase and rental prices are listed.

In treating a sick child, Vladimir reads from the Bible out loud while he conducts the Voo Doo healing ceremony.
While treating a patient, a Priest is possessed by a Spirit.
The Voo Doo Priest who sold Vladimir a new Spirit, performs a transference ceremony. Vladimir needs this Spirit to build his business back up because his Ancestor’s Spirits are refusing to work for him anymore. When a Voo Doo Priest or Priestess buys a Spirit, it  is bound to them, and it must do their bidding.

Please note, in comparing these two reference sources you may find contradictory information in them. Always continue further research into  any topic you are interested in learning more about.

Voo Doo: Facts About A Misunderstood Religion
From the LIVE SCIENCE website:
Voo Doo is a sensationalized pop-culture caricature of Voudon, an Afro-Caribbean religion that originated in Haiti, though followers can be found in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, the United States and elsewhere. It has very little to do with so-called Voo Doo dolls or zombies.
Read the full article:

The Origins of Voo Doo, the Misunderstood Religion
From the ANCIENT ORIGINS website:
Although the exact origins of Voo Doo are unknown, it is generally agreed that this religion has its roots in West Africa. Modern day Benin is regarded as the birth place of this religion, and the name ‘Voo Doo’ itself means ‘spirit’ in the local Fon language. Read the full article:

Voo Doo Societies often meet each other for ritual ceremonies of song and dance. However, while the festive song and dance ceremony is under way, each Voo Doo Society must remain vigilant. Because each Society may attempt to steal the other one’s magic. Or worse, cast a spell on the opposing Society or its members.

(For when Amazon ends its embargo on delivering books.)
Reputable Voo Doo books are hard to source. My research turned up only two that I felt would give the reader a proper perspective on the religion. If you have any suggestions on other books, please email me though my contact page.

Haitian Vodou: An Introduction to Haiti’s Indigenous Spiritual Tradition
By Mambo Chita Tann
Haitian Vodou is a fascinating spiritual tradition rich with ceremonies and magic, songs and prayers, dances and fellowship. Yet outside of Haiti, next to no one understands this joyous and profound way of life. ln Haitian Vodou, Mambo Chita Tann explores the historical roots and contemporary practices of this unique tradition.
Learn customs, beliefs, sacred spaces, and ritual objects. Characteristics and behaviors of the Lwa, the spirits served by Vodou practitioners. Common misconceptions such as “voodoo dolls” and the zombie phenomenon. Questions and answers for attending ceremonies and getting involved in a sosyete (Vodou house).
Correspondence tables, Kreyol glossary, supplemental prayer texts, and an extensive list of reference books and online resources. Well-researched, comprehensive, and engaging, Haitian Vodou will be a welcome addition for people new to Haitian spirituality as well as for students, practitioners, and academics.

Secrets of Voo Doo
By Milo Rigaud
Secrets of Voo Doo traces the development in Haiti and the Americas of this complex religion from its sources in the brilliant civilizations of ancient Africa. This book presents a straightforward account of the gods of Loas and their function, the symbols, signs, rituals and the ceremonial calendar of Voodoo; and the procedures for performing magical rites are given.
“Voo Doo,” derived from the words meaning “introspection” and “mystere,” is a system of belies about the formation of the world and human destiny with clear correspondences in other world religions. Rigaud makes these connections and discloses the esoteric meaning underlying Voodoo’s outward manifestations, which are often misinterpreted. Translated from the French by Robert B. Cross. Drawings and photographs by Odette Mennesson-Rigaud.

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